Unwinding tips for the workaholic

Unwinding tips for the workaholic

Many people focus hard on their careers. It is about landing the big deals, committing hard to large projects and doing everything you can to get ahead of the pack in the race to the top. It is about winning and building empires and achieving things that will set you apart from the crowd. The down side of this is of course that you don’t always have the time or bandwidth to build lasting personal relationships – but that is okay. Inevitably some sacrifices must be made and what you are doing is living the life you chose to live. So where does it leave you when it is time to blow off some steam and relax? Here are a few ideas for the career focussed man who wants to unwind a little.

No strings attached

Spending time with somebody from the opposite sex is important. If you are hustling too hard it is often inevitable that you don’t have time for building lasting connections. But you still have needs and that is nothing to be ashamed of. The fact is that there are many people in a similar situation to you and as such there are organizations who specialise in helping out. An organization like  Outcall Girls is a great example. They offer what is billed as a ‘Girlfriend Experience’ and those in the know suggest it is worth every cent. A beautiful woman who dotes on you, spends the evening getting to know you and, well, who knows where it ends up. The point is, when the morning comes, and you want to get back to working and the important stuff, she is on board with that and there are no awkward goodbyes.

Spend some money

There is no point in working hard and driving yourself if you don’t spend some of the money that you make. Don’t go and blow it all but allow yourself to live a little. What is on that bucket list that you can treat yourself to? Which friends would you like to see more of and what can you do to spoil them. Working hard is great and a reward in its own right, but it can be a bit soulless if you don’t liberate some earnings by throwing a party or showing some largesse.


Nothing helps you relax quite like getting away from it all. Driving yourself hard at the office is also much easier if you have your eye on a big prize. So, set targets and start planning. A cruise or a first-class trip to an exotic destination. Whatever it happens to be, the late nights and long hours are a whole lot more bearable if you know that at the end of it all the benefits won’t just be more money and another promotion – it will also be a chance to see more of the world and to live a little, may be have a long-awaited dating. There are so many great locations and destinations that you could commit to two a year for the next 40 years and still be nowhere near seeing everything you want to. But start planning now, travel is a great way to unwind.