You’re Not Going To Get Her Acting Like That…


Developing the right pick up attitude is essential both to building your own self-confidence and creating attraction in women.  Yesterday we discussed the problems with “just being yourself”, and suggested that instead you should be your best self.  Let’s take a closer look at what that means, and why that is.
Attitude–your billboard to the world
Believe it or not, attitude is most often the first thing women notice in a guy.  Even before they take in your looks, most people will pick up on your attitude.  Therefore, your attitude with women is the single most important factor in developing attraction.  You usually convey attitude subconsciously–that is, without really thinking about it:  in your posture, the way you move, and so on.  Which means that attitude is very difficult to fake; adopting the attitude you want mentally is much more effective than working on the external aspects of it.
Now, because attitude is a pretty basic component of your psychology, it takes some effort to change.  The good news, though, is that whatever affects your attitude in one area of your life, affects it in all the others.  This means that you can improve your confidence with women by improving your attitude in other areas of your life.  You do this, not by being yourself–but by being your best self.
Be all that you can be
Being your best self means putting forth your best effort in everything you do–your career, your hobbies, school, whatever.  It doesn’t mean you have to be the best; a Nobel Prize or an Olympic gold medal isn’t necessary to pick up women, although it couldn’t hurt.  Rather, you can gain immense self-confidence simply from the knowledge that you apply yourself 100% to everything that you do; all the material gains you get from this are just icing on the cake, and can only further boost your confidence.
You can see this in action by observing an experienced pick up artist at work.  Very few guys start out with an unshakeable pick up attitude; most of them have something else going for them, whether it’s a great job, a sweet car, or good looks.  The self-confidence they’ve built up by improving these areas of their lives–through 100%, best-self effort–helps establish the attitude that they have something worthwhile to offer, that they’re worthy of getting women.  This attitude is the basis for developing confidence with women.
Crafting a self-confident dating attitude doesn’t just help you overcome your fear of rejection, it actually attracts women.  Ask any woman what turns them on in a guy they’ve just met; I’ll practically guarantee you that at least 90% answer “confidence”.  So building confidence should be your main objective, which you can achieve both by studying the tips in our Members’ Section, and by improving the areas of your life outside dating.
The long and the short of it is this:  The idea of being your best self is something you should implement in every area of your life.  You can apply the confidence you gain from success in any field to picking up women.  This not only makes it easier to overcome your own self-doubt, it makes you more attractive to women as well.
But while a solid pick up attitude is an important foundation, you’ll need more tips and techniques to become a true pick up master.  So don’t wait; sign up now to get access to all the great secrets in our Members’ Section, and improve your game today!