The Tongue is a Blessing

Most men are completely unaware that all the solutions to their problems lie within them. Many have heard those words before but can’t make sense of them. Little do they now that by understanding the meaning, you can apply it to every problematic situation in your life. And when it comes to sexuality, ALL men have an almighty weapon to please women and have them coming back for more if utilized properly; The Tongue. Yet most men don’t even know how to give a woman earth shattering orgasms through mind blowing head. Props and fist pounds all around to men who go down on women. But shame on the selfish assholes that make women go down on them and don’t return the favor. If you’re part of the former, I congratulate you on your initiative to even the playing field and not piss off any more women. However, if the conclusion to your self-assessment is merely ‘good’ or ‘ok’, you’re clearly not exploiting your full potential. This is especially true for men that are physically disadvantaged. You owe it to her to orally perform beyond any man she’s ever had.

I’m not surprised to see that insecure machos and cowards out there are posting articles over the internet about how men should never eat pussy. Stating  the benefits or trying to convince them to go down on a woman would be pointless. I’d rather give you a some helpful pointers to improve your current skill set and have her climbing the curtains. Read thoroughly, execute and thank me later.

Oracular Spectacular

The most important step is having the right mindset: There’s nothing more beautifully delicious than a CLEAN pussy(and I’m not referring to the hair). Get into it and enjoy the experience. Don’t think about the blowjob or the sex you know you’ll get after. Honor the pussy by eating it right.

There’s no rush: Just like when you eat a meal, when you’re going down on her, it’s not a race, take your time.   Men like to rush through it to get it over with. Don’t go straight for the pussy. Take time to kiss her whole body, every once in a while brush by her pussy with your lips, fingers and tongue, just enough to let her know you’re working your way there.

Dive in sideways: A pussy looks like a mouth turned sideways. I suggest that you turn your mouth, or your whole body, sideways and make out with it. Soft kisses all over. Then, bring the tongue in, lightly at first. Keep your lips glued to hers, literally just like you were kissing her real mouth. Let the tongue go deeper, suck the clit, its shaft and hood. Sink your tongue inside her vagina. Go from light and easy to deep, strong kissing by teasing her, letting her excitement rise and fall and rise again.

Top to bottom and bottom to top: The giver places his tongue at the bottom of her pussy (below the opening to the vagina) and licks slowly all the way up, over the clit to the very top of the pussy. Use a feather light touch, deep pressure and everything in between.

Tongue technique: You can point it, using the hard tip, or you can keep it flat and soft. You’ll have to ask her what she prefers. But most women love the flat, soft mode.

Make love to the shaft: The clit isn’t just a little button at the top of the pussy. The ‘button’ is connected to a shaft, just like your dick. It’s incredibly stimulating for her  to have a finger on each side of the shaft rubbing up and down. You can attempt it with your tongue and mouth as well.

Use your fingers!!!:   Some women really love and need penetration to achieve orgasm. If this is the case with your woman, add fingers or a dildo to the mix. Match the rhythm of your tongue on her clit to the penetrative thrust. Start slow and build up your pace and pressure.
Patience!:   This whole process from the easing down of the panties to orgasm will take as long as it takes! I know some women that cum within seconds, others can take hours but they all say that it still feels fantastic.

Auricular & Oracular: When you’re doing something right, her body will tell you. She might tremble or shake, she’ll get wetter and wetter, she’ll moan, pant, scream, tell you what to do, grab your head and pull it in deeper etc.   Communication is one of the most important parts of successful cunnilingus. Talk to her about what she likes and what direction she wants you to go. Encourage her to talk about what gets her off.

Remember boys, It’s not about you, it’s about her. Don’t be selfish, focus solely on her pleasure and making her happy. If she has mind blowing orgasms, imagine the reciprocity. She’ll be dying to return the favor. With the pointers you just read and an unforgettable ambiance, you’ll be the best she ever had.