The Student – Teacher Relationship

A Blurry Line Though the heart is most often regarded as the default human organ of romantic metaphor, I’d like to argue that the brain is equally sexy. It just doesn’t quite sound right to say, «Oh, I love you so much I’d give you my brain!» «My brain is so full with love for you!» «When your broken brain has healed, I’ll still be waiting for you.» That’s actually kind of disgusting. And grotesque. I’m sorry I even brought it up.

What I’m trying to say: intelligence is an extremely attractive quality. And if he or she is easy on the eyes, you don’t let those ones get away. Or at least go too far. The «entire package» is quite a coveted commodity. Quick wit, insightful comments, captivating intellect… I hate to make generalizations but that’s a needle in a haystack when it comes to most guys in college. No offense; they just tend to mature later than women do. It’s a fact, that someone proved, I think. I heard it on TV…

So, it’s only natural, that once you’re sitting at the big kids’ table, experiencing a high level of learning, to be especially drawn to your dashing college professor or your rhetorically gifted graduate instructor or just a plain hot teaching assistant. If you’re like me, and love absorbing new information and expanding my mind, I thoroughly appreciate a mentor of any level who bestows knowledge and sound wisdom upon me and if they’re physically attractive, it makes a two-hour lecture twice a week far more bearable.
But when «healthy respect» turns into «possible prospect», it’s time to grab the reins and yank.


It is not wise to get involved with any academic superior. First of all, you’re compromising your ethics and morals. Even if he or she is single and available, it’s still your instructor, and at most, if not all, institutions it’s grounds for dismissal if you’re caught. Is it worth throwing away your academic education for a fling? Yeah, it’s a rush, to go from the bed to the classroom, then stealing a glance here and there as he writes on the chalkboard (yes, they still use these).

But it’s not worth it. Even if you are stealthy enough to get away with it, as many do, how do you know if you really earned that A? Are you even getting anything out of the course? Are you even opening yourself up and becoming available for a real relationship? Affairs like these are all consuming, especially if it is just about the physical component, the rush, the thrill. It leaves you emptier than when you started. Just trust me on that one.

Although, if you think you have something real with this person and you actually are compatible in a very open and honest way, just wait until next semester when they aren’t your instructor! If you really care about each other you’ll be able to make it from January until May. Then you can be hot for teacher, all you want.