Penis Extender FAQ

Ages ago, men’s desire of having enormous penis already existed. We can see that as the ancient sculpture and drawings on lots of ancient walls showed that men with bigger penis posses some kind of superiority amongst other men. Even before our grandfathers were born, men already find confidence and superiority when they have bigger penises.

Through the years, people looked for an option on how to grow the penis. Pumps were invented, penis grower pills, silicon, surgery, etc. Some of these methods works and some didn’t. Today, there is one method that’s fast rising and becoming the most popular penis enlarger, and it is called the penis extender.

A penis extender is derived from the principle traction. What it does is, it gently stretches the penis by the use of traction by simply attaching the device to the penis, from base to its tip.
Penis extenders can basically grow your penis up to 3 inches length and 1. 5 inches girth in just a couple of months.

At first, this was made for people with micro-penises for them to at least have a normal size penis.
But as time goes by, it evolved and also has become an option for people who just wanted a bigger penis. This is also now for people who wanted more than just normal, and is willing to take one more step to achieve what they desire.

There are hundreds of extenders out there that claims to have the capability of increasing the size of your penis, but not all of them are telling the truth.
Because of penis extender’s popularity amongst men, scammers took advantage of that matter. These scammers tried to mimic the device and sell it to public cheaper than original brands. They will tell you that they also have a money back guarantee and lure people into buying their fake products.

Sometimes, the websites that these scammers made looked legit with all the said credentials and people’s testimonies posted in it. They even put fake customer support hotline for it to make it look more real.

But people who want to complain about the products will never contact any customer service. They will never get their moneys back and still retain the same penis problems. So the number one advice is, you should be careful on what brand to buy.

Try to research first before you buy a certain penis extender. The more popular the extender, the safer it is to buy because it means many people used it already.

Legit penis extenders are also great for people who have oddly positioned penis such as an L shaped penis. Regular use of it, will help straighten the penis out. The device may also help people who have little endurance in sex for this helps blood flow better that makes your sex endurance reach the highest level. 2 to 3 hours of using a penis extender everyday will definitely give you a huge difference in size and girth for only within 6 months.