One Huge Mistake Many Women Make When Trying To Attract a Guy

If you are a woman then you have probably made this huge guy mistake. I have definitely done it. All my friends have done it. Everyone I know has done it. If you haven’t – then you either have not dated yet, or you are just a smart, smart girl.

Here’s the situation. You like a guy, you are not sure if he likes you as well, so you do everything you can to make him like you!
If you don’t see any sign that he likes you after that you try even harder to make him like you!
You do everything that you think he will like, even if it doesn’t fit your character, and then in the end, after all that effort, he decides that he doesn’t like us and we don’t hear from him again or he just ignores us.
Sound familiar?
The mistake is trying too hard. It only pushes a guy further away.

Why Trying Too Hard is a Mistake When You Like a Guy

There is no chase.
Guys do like a little bit of a chase when it comes to getting a girl. Not a huge ‘this is really hard’ chase, but there should be some effort that has to be put in. They want to know that they charmed you with their charm, and won you over. There is no thrill in getting a girl who is doing everything in her power to make you want her.

It’s Annoying and Smothering

When you try too hard it is followed with too much of everything.

  • Too much talking
  • Too much touching
  • Too much in your face action
  • Too much smiling
  • Too much laughing
  • Too much texting

There is just too much – and that can quickly become annoying and feel as though you are trying to smother them. No guy wants to be smothered!

One thing to remember is that a little space creates desire and want while smothering creates a need to get away. Which one would you rather have a guy you like feeling?

It’s Not The Real You

When you are trying too hard you are doing everything you think a guy you like will want to see or hear. This means that you are most likely straying from the real you and heading into the fake you territory.

When you are fake, it is obvious. Most guys will see right through it and decide that you don’t have enough confidence to be the real you.
Confidence is a huge part of the attraction for both men and women. If you are lacking confidence then you will quickly become less attractive in other people’s eyes – especially to a guy you like.

So the best advice when trying to attract a guy, get his attention, get him to like you, or keep him around – is let it be. If he likes you, the real you, then that’s a bonus! But if he doesn’t then there is no amount of ‘pleasing him’ that is going to change his mind. You will just end up with a lot of wasted energy and disappointment. Find someone else!