Lessons from the pornographic industry to Online Marketing

Epantyhose porn can teach us a lot, but not sex. Pornography is one of the most important industries in the world: Let’s learn marketing with it!Generally, the collective conscience looks at pornography with a mixture of disgust, moral superiority and contempt.

Obviously we are all respectable adults who do not belong to that vast majority of people who consume porn, and for us porn is something alien and terrifying. Even so, and precisely for that reason, you should read what we can learn from porn those who are dedicated to online marketing.

  1. Always give something for free. But do not give it all

Porn moves more money than Hollywood. It moves more money than the pharmaceutical industry or alcohol. And yet it offers free samples of its products to those who want to consume them.People want free content Give it to them, and then offer them something better, for a fee.It is curious that having clips or even movies available to the user, the industry moves so much money. Is it just the ones who pay? Not much less.

Do not be afraid to create free content like posts, e-books, computer graphics, guides, trial periods, videos and opinions of a product … is that kind of value that will give visibility and allow you to find, and then goes to leave the potential client with honey on the lips and asking for more.

  1. Generalize is for the elect. If not, go to niches

In the world of generalist porn there are a few producers that can play all the clubs without disheveled. The rest cannot compete to attract such a large audience and fight against big producers, so they must choose to go to a niche or go to ruin. But, look at the incredible amount of variety of labels that can be used in these videos.

 Lessons from the pornographic industry to Online Marketing

The same happens in the web ecosystem. It is very easy to want to make a blog about animals, but there are so many and it is so generic that it is difficult to capture the user’s attention and generate an implication with it. However, a blog about the panda, with a didactic and friendly approach, can be a concrete concept that is made with 100% of that niche.

  1. Innovation, innovation, innovation

The adult film industry is one of the most lucrative and competitive in the world, and therefore provides added value is vital to survive.Part of the innovations that the Internet owes totally or partially to porn are streaming video, secure online payment, live chats or monetization and traffic optimization. Not counting broadband or 3G.

Also, adopt the innovations of others, and do it quickly and differently. The pornstars are one of the fastest and most successful segments have adopted in different social networks.