Important rules in erotic massage

Erotic massage is a totally different thing compared to the usual one, with its rules and goals. Here are the important principles of the erotic massage that differ it:

  • Breathing is very important for both partners since it provides connection and understanding between them. Before masseuses from Sweet Sensations start the procedure, they identify the rhythm of a client. This is possible only when they are close to each other and with closed eyes. Our specialists will listen to your breath, focus on it until you feel the commonality
  • Partners sit down close as possible to each other for maximum connection. The main thing in this exercise is to concentrate, to feel the connection that has arisen. This is the main step during the energy exchange. This step increases the desire to go through tactile feelings. And the very first touch will be the starting point of the erotic massage.

Self-control and care

Self-control of partners is a thing that needs special attention. Without it, the sex energy will never be released, so both partners should follow the rules. Such a procedure will help to control your sexual tension. Tantric massage is not just a massage. Practicing such a massage, you can improve your ability to control the body. Erotic massage should be done only if it brings pleasure to both partners. Thereby, it is better to visit professional companies that will always provide the service on the highest level.