How Getting Any Girl to Be Attracted to You

If you are looking for a girlfriend, here are 10 great tips for men to get their girl.

1. Know yourself. Ask yourself first what you really want. Determine whether you want to date only for fun or you want to date to build a serious relationship.
2. Know the woman you want to date. You cannot go on dates unarmed with at least basic information about the woman you are dating. You have to know what she likes, what her favorites are and what she likes in men. This will help know where you will take her to or what you are going to do during your date. You cannot just take her on a date based on what you want.
3. Focus your attention on her. The date should be centered on her and not on other things. Do not get too caught up in conversations that you alienate her or worse you ‘eliminate’ her in the picture.
4. Be romantic. Women, though some wouldn’t admit it, like to be treated special. Give her a bouquet of flowers or a small gift. Discuss a little about a romantic movie you’ve seen or talk about a novel you’ve read.
5. Be a gentleman. Contrary to popular belief, chivalry is not dead. Pull the chair for her. Hold the door when you enter the restaurant. Open the door for her as she goes out of the car. Stay on the danger side when you walk.
6. Compliment her. Women give effort on how they look. They spend a lot of time fixing their hair or putting on make up. They spend a lot on clothes to look good. Recognizing her for these wouldn’t hurt. Just make sure you do not overdo it. Women also do not like being patronized.
7. Read non-verbal cues. Women do not often tell exactly what they feel. Most of the time they show it through actions. Look for signs of boredom like yawning or rolling of the eyes. When you see these signs, make adjustments.
8. Go easy on touching. You can hold her hand while she goes down the car or the steps but do not hold her for long especially on the first few dates. This is of course unless she asks for it.
9. End the date while you are still on top. This doesn’t mean you have to end the date while you are still having fun. This just means that you must not extend the date to the point that the excitement is already lost. Momentum is lost when you do too many things in one date. Leave her when she is still ecstatic so she goes home still imagining the date. This will make her look forward to your next meeting.
10. Ask her out for a next date. Be creative in doing this. Do not ask it as if you are giving her the option to say no. Do not ask her if you can go out again. Ask questions like «where do you want to go next time?» or «do you want to watch a movie next week?»