Flirt – Dating Site Review

If you’re a born flirt and you’re looking for fun, the internet would be a good place to start looking for some. It’s all because of Flirt. This community is there to accommodate your every flirting need. It’s a place where people meet up, hang out, have fun, and possibly go out for real! It is designed to be a casual dating site of non-serious relationship type for individuals who just want to go out and flaunt naughtiness, although that generally does not stop things from moving up to the next level.

The fun starts out with the free sign up privilege for a free lifetime membership with Flirt. Girls, specifically, get to have free total access to all the sites important features, but this is mainly to increase the number of date choices for the male members.

Guys who join Flirt can initially have the free basic features which include creating a profile, uploading photos of up to twenty, and browsing for members whom they might like, and to account for the volume of members within their area.

You may want to take advantage of the site’s three-day free trial period before you upgrade to a Premium membership to check out the site’s features and how it works for you. A Premium membership will always be ready for guys who wish to be granted all the power to wield their flirt weapons in their own hands, for then they will have access to all of the sites features which are quite a handful.

Aside from the conventional email and live chatting, Flirt also has an audio/video messaging feature to spice things up and make your flirting world a lot more interesting. Flirt also gives you the power to choose which members you may not want to interact with through their block/ignore member option.

Your photo uploads too will not be so boring as just to put them up for display, because members are allowed to actually rate and comment on your photos, making it more meaningful, more fun, and challenging. Message boards are also created for people who want to shout out a flirty phrase or two, and virtual kisses are available for sending to those flirt-mates out there who need a smooch or two. You might also want to check out Flirt’s events calendar where speed dating schedules and venues are posted regularly for its members to attend.

Flirt, understanding modernity, your on-the-go schedule, and the fact that you might not at all times have the access you want to an internet-enabled computer, gives you a mobile version you may access from anywhere you want with a internet service! On mobile Flirt, you can check messages whenever you want to, send messages and chat, search and browse profiles just as you do on the web, and rate other members or send them virtual gifts.

If you’ve been on the non-stop flirt quest, Flirt is sure to remark you and your flirting efforts by featuring you as a star member of the site. To grant this honor, Flirt picks out members who have been most active in the site in terms of their online time, sent emails and chats, and profile completion. This is a great feature and contest you should join in order to increase your casual flirting and dating encounters both online and offline.