So You Have Been Dumped?

Being dumped is one of the worst feelings a guy could ever feel. In most cases it not only feels as if she is ripped your heart out it feels like she has jumped up and down on it as well.

For most guys it feels as though their whole world is ended, and the thoughts of her being with another guy make you want to lie on the couch in the fetal position.
When most guys break up with the woman of their dreams they have no idea how to react, I have seen guys do all sorts of crazy things to try and get the girl back. Personally my advice would be if you have been dumped take a few weeks to decide what you’re going to do next.
At Learn To Approach we always advise guys that have recently been dumped to follow these four steps before they even think about trying to get back with her.
Step number 1: It’s okay to cry. For the first few days after a breakup chances are you’re going to feel horrible, now if your emotional guy you may feel like having a cry and there’s nothing wrong with that, you have just had a change in your personal circumstances some may even say you have had a life changing experience and in the moment it doesn’t feel like it’s a good life changing experience.
Step Number 2: Give the boys a ring. If you recently broken up with the woman of your dreams give your friends a call and get your support group around you. Guys think that only women need a support group aka their friends around them when something bad happens, if you are lucky enough to have a few true guy friends I am sure they will be there for you even if it means changing their own plans.
Step Number 3: Learn to distract yourself. The problem when most guys break up with a girl not by their choice is all they do is focus on the good times they had together. All of their focus is put on to the break up and how horrible it feels right now. They’re in numerous ways distract yourself and I’m not going to go through them here, but I will say if it takes your mind off her probably a good thing for you right now.
Step Number 4: Look towards the future. When a guy is dumped this seems to focus all of his attention on the past, now the past is just that it’s over with.  Instead of putting all your focus on the past start putting your focus on the future, you are now single and they’re literally thousands of beautiful single women looking for a guy just like you. Now I know that sounds a little cliché but I can tell you after over a decade of experience is very true, even if it does not seem true in the moment.
Unfortunately there is no quick fix for a broken heart there is no Band-Aid nor is there a pill you can take, the only thing that will fix a broken heart this time. If after spending a few weeks plotting and planning your next move and you still decide that you want to get back with your girlfriend  that’s your choice, just don’t make the decision to lightly.