How to Make Women Chase After You without Any Effort

here are several women who are so good in looking for ways on how to attract men that they can get any guy they want.
If these ladies can take their pick, there is no reason guys can’t do the same. Men and women share equal rights these days, so men should also be able to get any woman they want.
But how do they do it? For guys who are very shy and don’t know how to deal with women, it is wise to take cues from what women do best: playing hard to get.
The one thing that makes guys more committed to chasing after a woman is when she starts to become so scarce and hard to get. For some reason, the fact that we covet something we cannot have is true.
When we see a girl that we like and she shows no sign of feeling the same way, we are challenged. We feel a very strong desire to want to have her in our arms. We are then pushed to do everything possible to make her like us.
The same thing happens when we play hard to get.
Bear in mind that women are used to getting all the attention from men. They have grown used to seeing men chase after them. They know that they have an irresistible quality that will make any man want to go after them.
This is why if they encounter a man who suddenly rejects her, she will be shocked and rattled. She will wonder why that guy had the guts to turn her down. She’ll start to think if there is something wrong with her. She will then feel that it’s not right she got dumped so she will devise ways to make the man like her.
You’ll know what happens after this. The woman will do everything in her power to make that man want her. The harder to get that guy tries to be, the stronger the woman’s desire to get him will be.
So learn from women. Give them a dose of their own medicine, so to speak.
This should help you make any woman want you so bad.