How to Make First Date Sex Happen

You had a blast and now your date is over. You’re standing outside her apartment door and is wondering how you can get her to invite you in and have some first date sex.
Well, you can invite yourself in or plant a long, sensual kiss and make her so horny she’d drag you to her bedroom in five minutes.
That is if you’re lucky. But what if she doesn’t like having sex on the first date? That could be a problem.
To be successful in first date sex, you have to understand the female psyche and work with her perspective in mind.
Bear in mind that girls don’t really dislike having sex on the first date. They just don’t want to let you know about it. Why? It’s because they don’t want to appear cheap and be labeled sluts. Societal norms have caused this way of thinking for women. Their desire for sex has been repressed due to fear of getting a bad reputation.
When a woman, who has just as much as sexual desire as a man, decides to act on it, she is considered promiscuous—and in worse cases, a whore. This is why most women put on a façade. A pretense that to her, sex is something taboo. She fools herself—and hopefully others—that she is not out for sex. When in truth, she likes it just as much as we want it.
Now, this is one really good revelation. Knowing that women want sex as much as you do makes the whole process easier. What you need to do now is work on making her feel comfortable enough to express her sexual desire.
During your date, you have to make her feel special and comfortable. Show her that you are not a pervert who’s only out for sex. Even though it’s the first time you’ve been together, you have to make a really good impression on her for her to trust you enough to have sex with you. That’s how you get laid on the first date.
Establish sexual tension hours before you drop her off her apartment. Be genuinely interested in her—the things she say, how she looks, etc. Be a gentleman and not make premature advances as that would make her think of you as a pervert.
Make body contact once in a while. Touch her arms, hand, or stroke her hair to build sexual tension. This will help hype her desire to be with you. Once you’ve done right, you’ll certainly get her to have first date sex.
Remember pal, the key here is to make her feel special and comfortable. She must trust you enough to get on with it on the first date. Good luck!