How to Attract a Woman

Does it seem like the other guys are always able to attract a woman, yet for some reason it’s a struggle for you?
There you are, out on the town with the boys, cruising for members of the female persuasion.  You’re hoping at best to end the night with a least a phone number in your pocket.  Your buddies pour on the charm and as the evening progresses, you notice your friends seem to have no shortage of adoring ladies to chat with.  You start to feel discouraged as yet another pretty girl tilts her head in a gentle laugh before jotting her phone number down on a cocktail napkin – for the other guy.
Some guys have all the luck, you think.  After all, you’re a nice guy, respectable and don’t talk trash around the ladies or show off.  What does the other guy have that you don’t, except better luck?  While in some circumstances, this is actually true, for the most part, the babe magnets have simply learned how to make their own luck in order to attract a woman’s attention.
Clean Yourself Up: Did your mother ever tell you to dress for success. This is especially important when you are trying to attract women. While woman may not expect you to spend three hours primping and polishing yourself to perfection, any sign of scruff or dirt is a big turn off. Before you go out, check yourself from head to toe.

  • Clean Hair (washed and combed) – check
  • Clean Shaven (or trimmed appropriately) – check
  • Clean Teeth (and fresh breath) – check
  • Clean Clothes (uncrumpled and rip free) – check
  • Clean Hands (no dirt under the fingernails) – check
  • Relatively clean shoes and socks (no holes in either please) – check

Don’t Act Like a Loser: Yes, it’s true, woman want a man who knows how to be a man. That means confidence. You might think you can win a girl over by making her feel sorry for you, but for the most part, those types of guys are not viewed as martyrs, but rather as losers. Sad stories about your raged childhood with alcoholic parents, crying in your beer about the girlfriend who just cheated on you, or gruesome details about bloody car accidents are all tickets to celibacy. Keep it light; keep it friendly. If all else fails, rely on the old stand bys: crazy weather, movies, books, the price of gas, anything generic that’s not too political or controversial will help you ease into a smooth conversation.
Be Impressed: This part can be a little tricky, as you could easily overdue it and come off obviously fake. However, listen to what she’s saying and offer a little bravado tempered with sincerity. For example, if she says she recently quit smoking a genuine response of “good for you” will encourage her to open up and tell you a bit more.

Hello! Hey! Hi There! While some guys may be masters of playful one-liners to attract a woman’s attention, a wild attempt to dazzle a girl with catchy pick up line often comes out cheesy or foolish. Furthermore, it’s completely unnecessary. The simple truth is, if you see a woman looking your way or checking you out, she’s hoping you will come talk to her. Women are attracted to confidence, not corniness, so go ahead, and break the ice with a friendly hello. If she responds to the greeting with a smile, you’re half way there, so follow up quick with an introduction, maybe even “How are you?” Before you know it, you’ll be one of those lucky guys who always manages to attract a woman.