Female Ejaculation

There is a lot of mystery surrounding female ejaculation. Unfortunately there hasn’t been much research done on this phenomenon, and so it continues to be treated as such. Although no one knows if every female has the ability to squirt? It’s been proven that at one stage in there life almost 80% of women have experienced doing it. The problem was most didn’t understand what they were doing and others mistake it for urinating during sex.
Understanding the female anatomy will give many couples more insight into themselves and give them the ability to enjoy there sex life more. So never hesitate to learn more about yourself and you partner.
How does it work? /Anatomy
Female ejaculation anatomy works very similar to male. This is because in the fetus both males and females develop the same. In fact it’s not until the ninth week of development, when the specific sex organs take shape.
Just like the male the female ejaculation fluid is stored in the female prostate or paraurethralglands. This is more commonly known as the g spot. From here when the g-spot is stimulated the glands open and the muscle contractions from the orgasm force the fluid into the urethra and out of the body.
Females will feel the sensation of needing to urinate, and will not allow themselves to release the fluid stopping them from squirting? Although the fluid travels through the urethra it is not urine. The liquid comes from the female prostate not the bladder.
What is it?
No one yet knows for sure what the liquid is made of as it is in the prostate gland. But recent tests have shown that the fluid (once ejaculated) is a combination of three things. The combination consists of the natural lubricants secreted from the vaginal walls, prostate fluid and water.
There is no urine found in this fluid although depending on the individual?s diet it can have an acidic taste.
How to do it?
There is no right or wrong way to making a female squirt. But there are a few things you and your partner should do before you start.
Firstly make sure you partner is relaxed and fully understands what your trying to do. She needs to know that when she feels the sensation to urinate she should relax and let it go other wise it won’t happen.
Also if you plan on doing it more then once make sure she drinks plenty of water before hand. This is because the fluid she is losing is mostly water and it is possible for her to become dehydrated. And always make sure you both stay in constant communication with each other because only she knows what she is feeling.
Many people have had success squirting by stimulating the g spot with their fingers using a beckoning movement with the middle and fourth finger as they are the strongest. Others have had success using a combination of this and clit stimulation with there tongue.
Be prepared for what happens next because everyone is different. Some people can squirt a cup full and others can only dribble out the fluid. Either way make a point to make your partner feel sexy while she is doing it.
If neither of these work don’t stress because everyone is different. Only you and your partner will know what will work for you. In the mean time enjoy experimenting with her body, and even try using toys.