Are Online Dating Games Worth Your Time?

If you’ve been in the online dating games for a while you may have noticed a new trend starting to happen: simulated dating. The idea behind this is that you create a 3D representation of yourself (also called an avatar) and use it to voice chat, video chat, email or conference. And in some cases there is an entire virtual world that is created as part of the experience.

What makes online dating games like these so intriguing is that you can, given enough time and dedication, create a totally separate online life, complete with house, job, hangout and so forth. A good example of this is the game Second Life.

In some online dating games you are able to do things you would do in the real world such as go to the gym, the theatre, as well as buy things for your virtual home. You can of course buy things for your virtual self, such as clothing. You can even find a job so that you can take others out on dates. The thought here is to make the service as close to real life as possible while still retaining an element of fantasy.

Another feature of these online dating games is the full control you have over what your virtual self does and where he or she goes. You can for instance, drive or walk around the city, talk to people, play games as well as sleep. The key between games like these and ones like Second Life is that there is a fully functional dating service attached to them.

The online dating games that have fully functioning dating services attached to them offer you the ability to either just communicate with people that you know, while others offer the ability to log onto a server and mix, chat, mingle and meet with other people from across the globe. And just like dating sites, you can specify how broard or limited to search. For instance, you could choose to just find people that are from your own city, town or country. Or you can search globally to find your best match.

Additionally, some online dating games offer you the chance to experience the full game for free as part of a promotion or forever as the case may be. Still others have a set trial period where you can again use the full functionality of the game for a limited time before having to pay a fee. These fees can be either monthly, quarterly or yearly.

So are online dating games worth your time? Yes, if you are the kind of person that feels better using a virtual representation of yourself as a sort of buffer, and once you are comfortable, showing yourself. These games can also be a nice form of escape as well, given the stressful lives we seem to all lead. The key here is to remember not to get so caught up that you forget your real flesh and blood life.