7 Sure Fire Ways to Impress Girls

I still can’t believe my luck. I never thought I’d end up with my amazing girlfriend, because I never thought she would look twice at me.
I was guilty of putting her on a pedestal for so long, that it took me months to summon up the courage to even speak to her.
However, she has taught me a lot about how women think and has reassured me time and again that attraction has little to do with looks, money or power: it’s all about having a great connection with someone.
Of course, before you can establish that connection, you need to capture a girl’s attention. If you’ve got your eye on someone who you think is out of your league, then read on to find out how you can build up the confidence to approach her, and ultimately ways to impress girls, and of course, her.
#1 – Don’t tell yourself she’s out of your league
Even if the girl you like is stunningly pretty, treat her just as you would any other girl. Don’t behave as if you are in awe of her or even attracted to her. Simply enjoy her company. She is probably used to guys being interested in her looks alone, so she’ll instantly notice you because you’ll act differently from all the other men who approach her.
#2 – Be confident
Women love a guy who is confident and comfortable with who he is. Don’t use any corny pick-up lines, just be yourself and let your natural charm and charisma shine through. Speak clearly, coherently and naturally. Confidence is a highly attractive quality. Women feel safe with a confident man, sensing that he’s a leader who can take charge when necessary.
#3 – Learn about her likes and dislikes
You can use this information to bring up appropriate topics of conversation which will help push all the right buttons. Find out what you can about the girl before you approach her, or if you don’t have any mutual acquaintances, you might have to do some gentle questioning so you have useful information stored for next time.
#4 – Know how to talk to girls
Practice conversation skills amongst friends and people you meet. Over time, you’ll master the art of being charming, interesting and funny. Take charge in a conversation and always have some great stories to tell. Observational humor generally goes down pretty well, too.
#5 – Hone your body language
90% of all communication is non-verbal. Make plenty of eye contact and smile. Hold your head and chest high and keep your hands out of your pockets. Don’t be overly familiar in the early stages of seduction. Concentrate on appearing self-assured, relaxed and comfortable.
#6 – Surround yourself with other people
Women will be attracted to men who appear popular. Be that guy who is the center of attention, who is captivating audiences. Your high status will be reaffirmed by the company you keep and beautiful girls will feel they are having to choose you, rather than the other way around.
# 7 – Be a challenge
Once you’ve got talking to a girl you like and she’s impressed by your natural charm and popularity, the final and most important step is to create sexual tension. Attractive women are used to guys who kiss their butts. However, deep down, they want a challenge – andthis is how you create genuine sexual tension. One minute you’re smiling, being nice. The next minute, you’re acting a bit distant, or maybe even teasing her – and she’s confused by your mixed signals. Sexual tension is crucial in attracting any woman – even one whoyou consider above your league. If the tension is there, it really doesn’t matter what you look like – your girl will be hooked!

So those are my 7 ‘secrets’ and as you can see, they’re all pretty straightforward. Follow this plan and you’ll soon find the confidence to approach the most stunning girls and like me, might just end up with the girl of your dreams and be the envy of all your friends.
I think these are some of the best tips on ways to impress girls I have found. For more of my recommended guides see my guide to picking up Women page.